How To Transfer To Chilton


How To Transfer To Chilton

Choosing Chilton

Open enrollment applications are typically accepted during the month of January, please go to RCSD’s page on Inter/Intra District Transfer Process & Forms to find up-to-date information on the transfer process.

Interdistrict Transfer

Applications need be submitted before the deadline to be considered for the “random and unbiased” selection process.

Applications received after the deadline will be given a number as they are received at the District office and will be addressed in the order they are received as current enrollment allows.

Requests from students outside of RCSD are accepted on a space-available basis. You will be required to reapply each school year per Placer County Office of Education policy. The student must maintain good academic and behavioral standing as determined by the Principal of the school assignment and good attendance.

Contact your school District of residence to obtain and Interdistrict transfer request and fill out their paperwork. Their designee will sign and date the release and they will mail the form to RCSD. Once received, it is date stamped and you will be notified of acceptance or put on a waitlist for the next school year.

Acceptance into RCSD and Chilton is based on space availability.

Intradistrict Transfer

Intradistrict transfer requests may be picked up from the school or District office. You will need to fill out the form and return it to your school for approval. The school will then send it to your requested school and the District office for final approvals.

RCSD’s page on Inter/Intra District Transfer Process & Forms