Student Clubs


Chilton Student Clubs
2022-23 School Year Clubs

Art  Club

Art Club will meet on Fridays from 2:20-3:20.  Please see Mrs. Russell for the updated permission slips and information. 

  • When: Friday 2:20 to 3:20, *First meeting is 9/23/22
  • Where: Art Room – EX 4
  • Who: Mrs. Russell, email

Allies Club

The Chilton Allies Club is a safe space for students who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies to get to know each other! Everyone is welcome! Not sure what it means to be an Ally? It simply means that we are accepting, considerate, and respectful to all members of the Bobcat community!

  • When: During Lunch
  • Where: 8th Grade- Portable 6, (Every Thursday), 7th Grade Room SCI 5 (Every Wednesday), 6th Room 803 (TBD based on interest- see Mrs. Stark))
  • Who: Mrs. Schuetz (8th), Mrs. Andersen (7th), Mrs. Stark (6th)

Basketball Club ***FULL*** No remaining spots available.

6th Graders will have the opportunity to work on the skills with Mr. Blake.

        * When: 1:15-2:30 pm on Wednesdays beginning 9/21                                                                     * Where: Gym                                                                                                                                                  * Who: Mr. Blake    email @                                           

Karaoke Club

Get together and sing a variety of songs

  • When: After school on Wednesdays from 2:20-3:30 pm
  • Where: Room EX 4
  • Who: Mr. Kelley,

Gilmore Girls Club                  

  • When: Fridays, 8th-Grade Lunch
  • Where: Room EX 4
  • Who: Mrs. Prater, Email Mrs. Prater for more information.

8th Grade Gingerbread House Club                                            

  • When: 9/22/22 – 11/17/22
  • Where: TBD
  • Who: Mrs. Stallions. Email @

Photography Club

This club is great for 7th graders interested in learning about photography.                  

  • When: Wednesdays during 7th Grade Lunch (Dates TBD)
  • Where: Room 701
  • Who: Mrs. Hahn

Get your CODE on! (Coding Club)

Hey future coders! Come check out the 6th-grade Chilton Coding Club! This club will explore many aspects of computer science including programming, problem-solving, and design thinking. Dates and times to be determined.

Harry Potter Club (7th Grade Only)

Interested in Harry Potter? This is the club for you! Some scenes in the movies will be compared to scenes in the books.                                                            

  • When: Thursdays during 7th-grade lunch 
  • Where: Room EX 1
  • Who: Mrs. MacDiarmid, Email @

Chilton Classic Movies

We will show movies half an hour at a time to kids who are interested in getting a taste of what movies were like in the good old days before CGI and green screens. We’ll show films from the 30’s all the way to the 80’s.

  • When: Thursdays All lunches 
  • Where: Rooms 804 (6th lunch), 605 (7th lunch), 607 (8th lunch)
  • Who: Mrs. McGee, Mrs. Beers, Mr. Fry

Chilton Cares Club

Thank you for your interest in joining Chilton Cares Club!  We will be meeting on the 4th Thursday of each month, after school in the library from 2:20-3:00 pm. Email or for more information about dates or other details. First meeting is October 27th!

We will be working on various service projects such as: making seasonal decorations for a local retirement community; writing letters to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation; making blankets for children in need; as well as some other projects.

Pokemon/Chess Club

We will meet Mondays from 2:20-3:20 pm in room 601 beginning in late October. Email Mr. Hildingr for more details.

8th Grade Fantasy Football Talk (Club)

Share insights, strategy, and have general discussions about Fantasy Football. Meets in room Portable 5 on Thursdays during 8th-grade lunch. Email Mr. Swinford for more information.

Baking Club

Put on your oven mitts and let’s get baking here at the baking club! Meetings will be every other Monday at 3 pm starting on the 12th on Zoom! Go to Miss Pendley’s room, portable 4 to sign up.