Student Clubs


Chilton Student Clubs
18/19 Dates & Times

19/20 Clubs will be updated 1st week of school

Vines, Video games and Memes!

We will watch and/or discuss a variety of vines, video games and memes. A great place to meet new friends!

  • When: Lunch on Mondays
  • Where: ALC Room (near the band room)
  • Who: Mrs. Lakey & Mrs. Sandhu

Chilton Tech Club

Members of Chilton Tech Club will practice coding using computers, iPads, and Spheros.  Students will program Spheros (robotic balls) to complete tasks and obstacle courses.

  • When: Lunch on Wednesdays
  • Where: EX-2
  • Who: Mr. Blake

5K Club

Running club after school from October until the first week of March.

  • When: Tuesdays & Thursdays from 3:15 to 4:00
  • Where: Meet by the locker rooms
  • Who: Mr. Ratcliff

Foods Around the World

Foods Around the World is a club for all grade levels. Each month the students select the country they want to sample food from. It is potluck style, every student brings a dish to share. We meet twice a month, once to plan our feast and the next time we enjoy our feast.

  • When: Monthly on Fridays
  • Where: Room 708
  • Who: Mrs. Pajcin

We Dine Together

Lunchtime gathering where kids can eat together, meet new people, play cards or board games, talk, and listen to music.

  • When: Lunch on Thursdays
  • Where: Room 805
  • Who: Mrs. Osterholt

80s/90s Club

This club is for any student who enjoys movies, tv shows, and popular items from the 1980s and 1990s.  We eat together and enjoy a movie or show during lunch each week.

  • When: Lunch on Fridays
  • Where: Room 803
  • Who: Mrs. Morgan

California Junior Scholarship Federation

CJSF is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to recognize and encourage academic achievement and community service. Open to 7th and 8th Graders only. Students must apply for membership during the first two weeks of every trimester. Members participate in field trips and community service projects.

  • When: First Thursday of the month
  • Where: Room 604
  • Who: Mrs. Allison

Minecraft Club

Drop in Club, no need to sign up. Join us and play some Minecraft in the Lib Lab.

  • When: Lunch on Wednesdays
  • Where: Lib Lab
  • Who: Mrs. Allison

Twilight Zone

Do you like watching stories of ordinary people finding themselves in extraordinary situations? How about tales of suspense, science fiction and the paranormal? Come to check out a new club on campus: The Twilight Zone Club. Together we will watch the classic television series.

  • When: Lunch on Mondays
  • Where: Room 604
  • Who: Mrs. Allison

WEBSday Workday

Open to all 6th graders to work on homework, study for tests, organize binders or get help.  WEB Leaders available to assist.

  • When: Wednesdays from 3:15 to 4:00
  • Where: Room 805
  • Who: Mrs. Osterholt