Why Chilton?


Why Chilton?

The mission of Chilton Middle School is to inspire, enable and empower all students to meet high academic and social standards that will prepare them for high school and beyond.

With a strong collaborative partnership between parents and school, Chilton staff will:

  • Develop strong relationships with students by knowing their passions, strengths and challenges.
  • Teach students to solve complex and meaningful problems.
  • Develop 21st-century skills.
  • Incorporate leadership habits to build student independence and positive peer relationships.
  • Foster an environment in which students and staff are safe, responsible, and respectful.

 Our staff works hard to know each student on an individual basis and determine the best approach by name and by specific needs. We look forward to having your family join our Chilton community!

As a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) focused school, we offer our students a rigorous, challenging, and fun environment to learn!