Wednesday, October 30, 2019
Daily News Bulletin


Bobcats- Wednesday, October 30th is the last day to turn in your yellow Bobcat bucks. Only the pink Bobcat bucks will be used in trimester two.

Young Writers… NaNoWriMo is upon us. If you have a novel that has been sitting in your head for years that you’ve yet to write or if you wanted to keep writing when you were doing your narrative, this is for you. Starting next week, come to Mr. Fry’s room (607) every Tuesday and Thursday starting today until December at lunch to write, share, and discuss your very own novel with other students and teachers. At the end, we’ll submit the stories you’ve written to the people at NaNoWriMo where other people will have the chance to see your work. See you there!!

Short week, Bobcats. But that does NOT mean that the Chilton Classic Movie Club can take a week off. We’re starting a new movie this week (after the last few minutes of The Great Escape). We’ll be watching Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window today, starring James Stewart and Grace Kelly. When you people-watch too much, you’re bound to see something you’ll wish you hadn’t. In this case, (begin creepy voice) MUUURDer.

Do you love nature? Is trivia your thing? Are you in 6th grade? If you answered yes to these questions then  Nature Bowl is the place for you. Nature Bowl starts Tuesday November 5th after school in Mrs. Wells’ room.

 Make sure to stop by coding club to create something chilling with code, It won’t get too spooky so stop by room 807 today during second lunch

A massive salute to those who set goals and achieve them.  Mr. Ratcliff is already quite proud of everyone participating in the 5K Club.   How far can you go? Got 5K Club?

Hey Bobcats! If you have an overdue library book, please renew it or turn it in today, since it is the last day of the trimester. If you have a lost library book, the fine is due today. Thank you!

Dodgeball is coming to a close and we are down to the semifinal games next Tuesday. Be ready for the finals. The students versus staff game is next Friday after school starting at 3:20. Be th

CJSF Members – don’t forget to turn in your volunteer hours to Mrs. Sterdt! Due date is today.

In sports news, our 7th grade boys basketball team took on a tough Antelope team. They boys all battled tough  and were able to pull out the victory. Congratulations also goes out to our 8th grade boys basketball team for their dramatic  53 - 51 victory over Antelope Crossing yesterday. With six seconds left in the game, sealed it with the game winning bucket. Great job boys! Good luck today at Eich. Go Bobcats!!!