Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Daily News Bulletin


Alright Chilton… so far you have collected a total of $561.42 for our Pennies for Patients fundraiser.  That’s a great start, but we need your help to reach our $6,500 goal by February 1st! To help inspire you to bring in your change, we’re going to add a fun bonus!  For every $500 you bring in, we’ll add a lucky teacher’s name to the makeover list! That’s right… they’ll be getting all dolled up with some fabulous make up, which will be applied by a fellow BLINDFOLDED teacher!  Talk about on fleek. Since we’ve passed our first $500 goal, Mrs. Burak is officially on the list. Let’s end the week above $1000, so we can add Mrs. Anderson! Keep those donations rolling in!

During our coin drive for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, we want to bring awareness to other types of cancers as well.  This week we’re focusing on LUNG CANCER. Did you know that lung cancer can be caused by things like smoking, air pollution, second hand smoke, or exposure to radiation?

This Friday, wear black and white to show your support for people that are fighting this type of cancer.

The Dodgeball tournament will begin this Friday during lunch but there is a mandatory meeting for all players tomorrow, Thursday, in the gym at the beginning of lunch.  We will go over all the rules and how the tournament will be set up. DO NOT MISS IT! You will be able to check the team rosters outside of room 701 after school today. See you tomorrow.


6th graders head on over to room 805 after school today for WEBSday Workday.  We look forward to seeing you.