Thursday, August 8, 2019
Daily News Bulletin


.Hey Bobcats, are you looking for a place to make new friends? Would you like to hang out and play games at lunch? The We Dine Together Club is the special lunch hangout spot for you! We Dine Together will meet every Tuesday (room 607 for first lunch and room 606 for 2nd lunch.) See you on Tuesday!

Hey Bobcats – Snowie King will be here tomorrow, Friday, Aug 9, after school selling their delicious and refreshing Shave Ice.  $3 for a small and $5 for a large. You will find them set up by the front bike rack. Don’t forget to bring your money!!!

Welcome back Chilton athletes.  Are you ready to dust off those running shoes.  Cross Country will begin next Thursday. This is one of the two sports that all grade levels can participate in.  There will be an informational meeting next Tuesday. More details to come so listen carefully to the school bulletin each morning.

Library will be closed this week and part of next week due to textbook checkout.

Important Notice- This year we will have two lunches! All 8th graders will have first lunch which starts after 3rd period and all 6th graders will have second lunch which begins after 4th period.  7th graders will first or second lunch depending on who their teacher is 4th-period teacher is.

Also, all students who wish to purchase hot lunch or snack bar food must enter the lines through the multi-purpose room doors closest to the 700 wing.  There will be one line for snack bar and one line for hot lunch.