PTC Fundraiser


This year we will be doing a shoe collection drive for our fundraiser!  You can find important information here.

What if we told you that we’re looking to raise money and you don’t have to give us money OR buy anything! Seriously, it’s not a trick! We’re collecting gently worn, used and new shoes to raise money for the PTC and Chilton. We’re trying to collect at least 100 bags (25 shoes per bag) by May 15th to raise over $5000. We’ll be paid by the pound by Funds2Orgs, and the shoes will go to developing nations and micro-entrepreneurs to help them out of poverty!


Here is how you can help:


  • Go through your own closets and collect gently worn, used shoes that you no longer need.
  • Each pair of shoes should be tied together with laces or rubber bands.
  • Send the bags of shoes to school with your kids where they will be collected in their homerooms.
  • Ask grandparents, other extended family and neighbors to do the same. Send those shoes to school as well with your students.
  • We are also going to have a contactless shoe drop-off event from 8 am until Noon on Saturday May 8th. Shoes can be dropped off on that day and volunteers will be there to collect them!


Fundraiser Dates: 4/19/21-5/27/21

Shoe Collection: Students will bring the shoe donations to their first-period class (bagged as indicated in the “Dos and Don’ts” flyer below) at any time until the end of the year.  Shoes can also be collected at our contactless collection event on, Saturday 5/8/21 from 8 am-12 pm at Chilton Middle School. 

Informational Letter

Student Collection Tracker

Dos and Don’ts of Shoe Collection

Informational Flyer-Funds2Orgs